Question by Courtney: what would happen if i put my cell phone in a microwave?
i got my phone about a year and a half ago, and ever since i have had non-stop problems with it! i have had it sent in 4 times to repairs and it keeps coming back broken. i just got it back yesterday from it being repaired and the didn’t even last the day. basically i need to completely fuck up my phone in order to get a replacement. the annoying thing is that i have explained this to them plus called customer service and they keeps saying “just send it in to get it repaired” so to break my phone im debating between putting it in water, putting it in the microwave or snapping it in half. i know i sound like a spoiled brat, but really im just a customer that wants a working phone. anyways what should i do to make it look like a complete accident? icon wink what would happen if i put my cell phone in a microwave?

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Answer by Anna
lol.. i’m so not sure.. try it and tell me, I’ll wait right here..

you should tell them that you never received the phone back in the mail, LOL… hey, mail carriers steal lots of things now a days..

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6 Responses to “what would happen if i put my cell phone in a microwave?”

  1. Tim writes:

    get it “stolen”

  2. Jesse writes:

    Isnt it obvious, it catches fire.

  3. Laurie writes:

    It depends on whether accidents are covered in your plan. If you paid the extra to have a replacement plan, an accident is probably covered. Water damage and other accidents are not covered by a warranty. If you put it in the microwave, it will probably catch on fire, and might destroy your microwave too. Can you afford a new phone and a new microwave?

  4. Phoenix writes:

    alright, definitely don’t put it in water because there are 3 water sensors on every phone (one on the inside, one on the battery, and one on the internal hardware) and if you get a phone wet that doesn’t get you a knew one. water damage isn’t under the warranty. Try putting a strong magnet up to it. Breaking it in half, again, isn’t under warranty so don’t do that. And last but not least, putting a phone in the microwave would make it most likely blow up which would also cause damage to the microwave and sadly exploding phone is,again, not under warranty. so, I’d say

    1. put a magnet up to it
    2. drop it, not from a far height cause if the screen cracks they’ll know it was dropped and they wont fix it. drop it till the insides break.
    3. if you do try getting it wet take out the battery and look for the other sensor to try and cover. only use small amount of water to try and short the system

  5. miss latina writes:

    call the company and tell them that you dropped your phone on while you was painting your house on the roof. then break the phone into pieces. But when that happens do not use your phone at all because they will know that you was lying.

  6. Let it rock writes:

    open up the phone and mess some sh!ts up inside.. like break some tiny things so you will have a dead phone and they wont be able to fix it :)

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