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My unborn babies dad. Being a jerk lied and cheated?

Question by LittleMiss: My unborn babies dad. Being a jerk lied and cheated?
Ok. Im 28 weeks pregnant/. My boyfriend and I broke up when i was 20 weeks preg. That whole time me and him were “repairing” the relationship/. When I found naked pictures of another girl on his phone. he said they were friends so I dropped it. Now Ive pretty much moved on with another guy. He knows im pregnant, and he knows about my EX being an ahole to me, and trying to convince me to adopt or abort our baby. This new guy wants to have kids, and treats me like a princess, but as soon as my ex finds out he just gets weird. He asks me out and I say YES, but just to talk.. So then he starts crying doing the whole symapthy cry, on how HIS life is so messed up and stuff.. He told me he wants me back, and still loves me. Then later this girl called (same girl with naked pics), and he was still talking to her.. I was smart enough to get her number and save it, and I called her last night when I got home.. She says theyve been talking but shes done with him, because she didnt know I was pregnant, and she thinks what he did is f*’d up. So my ex was like yelling at me saying I was a B**** and to never talk to him again, but when the baby comes out its his? Then 5 minutes later he is laying his head on my stomach kissing it and talking to our baby and saying we need to stop being stupid for her (the baby)